Convenience. Simplicity. Efficiency. That's What We're All About.

Verdegy makes life simpler for you with an integrated, easy to manage approach to basic business utilities such as: energy (electricity), gas and telecommunications. We put you back in control, saving you time, saving you money and freeing you to do what you do best - run your business.


All the Energy options you want:

Verdegy hooks you up with the best energy providers in the business and gives you the ability to create energy efficiencies and optimizations easily. Whether it's traditional or 'green' energy you're looking for, Verdegy is your source.

Interested in going 'green'? We'll match your aspirations with alternative energy options when, where and how it makes the most sense for you. Want to simply optimize your current energy usage? No problem.

Our focus is providing you with affordable, easy to implement energy strategies that perfectly match your corporate philosophy and goals.


Verdegy keeps you connected. Internet, Voice, Wireless and Local Access - take advantage of the very best service at the lowest possible price. Verdegy's premiere partnerships allow us to offer you some of the most aggressive pricing available for stable, reliable, quality telecommunications services.

Why would you choose Verdegy rather than your traditional provider? In a word: "Efficiencies".

Verdegy goes beyond simple services to afford you a level of optimization and integration you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Behind the Scenes:

Our 'commercial' goal is the simplification of the purchase and management of basic business utilities. However, we also have another goal. One that we feel is becoming increasingly important to businesses and consumers alike: an 'earth-friendly' approach to all we do.

In the energy arena, this is particularly pertinent. While we realize that traditional, non-renewable energy sources will continue to provide much of the modern world's energy, we also realize that slowly, but surely, renewable, 'green' energy will become the aspiration of most.

Being 'earth friendly', in our view, means adopting a responsible attitude toward both traditional and alternative energy. Optimizing our usage of ALL resources. Wasting less.

Verdegy has great leadership and a strong vision. They've made smart investments into the future energy needs of America. ~M&W Finanial