It's All About Utilities Made Simple.

Verdegy has partnered with the best-of-breed alternative energy equipment and service providers - giving you access to appropriate “green” technology for your situation and location. This includes energy, wireless, telecommunications and our new wind and solar product offerings.

In addition, Verdegy consultants are experts in helping business to create practical efficiencies that save energy and money. We provide an unbiased advisory service that will help you analyze your current position and map out a practical corporate strategy for energy optimization.

Greening Solutions:

Sometimes enterprises look at ‘going green' purely as a public relations exercise. They generally don't expect to save money – in fact, they expect to spend more – a lot more. They're put off by the belief that they'll have to do a major overhaul of their existing energy infra-structure and install all kinds of new technology. If you've wanted to develop and implement a corporate green strategy, but it seemed too difficult, we have good news for you.

It can be easy, and cost-effective.

Verdegy is about energy - renewable and non-renewable. Using non-renewable energy more efficiently is a valid greening strategy. So is switching to an alternative, renewable, clean energy source whenever it’s available and practical. Our goal is to help you find the most efficient use of appropriate energy resources to create the least possible environmental impact.

Let us help you find the energy strategies that make sense for you
and the environment

We are experts in helping you streamline and optimize your existing energy usage. We can also help you determine if a green, or alternative energy strategy is applicable to your business.

Wind Energy Solutions:

Get Some Environmental Curb Appeal and Save Some Green. Your company can make a bold environmental statement with our hybrid wind/solar light pole. This new product offering give you the ability to add outdoor lighting without the need to run costly utility lines to the poles.

Get off the grid with our 100% Renewable Power. Our vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) and solar panel charge batteries that run the high efficiency LED lights on our light poles.

Applications include: parking lots, sidewalks, hiking, biking, walking trails, parks or anywhere else you would need outdoor lighting. Click Here to learn more about our vertical axis wind turbine.

Wireless Strategies:

Wireless opens doors to all kinds of efficiencies and communications. Verdegy opens the door to wireless products and services that deliver bottom line results. We don’t just help you get wireless, we also help you use it to your best advantage.

We’ll work on a customized wireless strategy that covers all your enterprise requirements. Let us be your one-stop-shopping resource for wireless voice and data services.

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