Backup generators can be powered either by propane or natural gas, and can be permanently installed into your home's electrical system. After a storm or typical power outage they provide heat, lighting and other household necessities. Installation of backup generators is performed safely outdoors, removing any risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Upon loss of power, a backup generator seamlessly and instantly restores power. Backup Generator Benefits of a Backup Generator Generators operate home security systems, provide lighting, air conditioning, heat and the ability to prepare your family's meals. Backup generators are nearly impossible to steal, so you won't be worried about the possibility of losing your investment. Compared to portable generators, backup generators are more powerful and operate using a more consistent fuel source. Your entire home can remain powered by a backup generator for as long as necessary, until your power returns. Benefits of Generac Backup Generators The category of home backup generators was created by Generac. As a trusted brand, Generac generators are preferred by 7 out of every 10 homeowners invested in home backup power. The number of homeowners preferring a Generac backup generator is not surprising, as these generators offer homeowners a slew of benefits. First, Generac generators never have to be refueled, as they run on your existing LP fuel or natural gas supply. Its operation is automatic, so when your power source is lost there is no need to manually start the generator. Whether you are at home or away, the generator automatically begins operation to restore power to your entire home or your designated areas. You'll never have to hassle with extension cords as Generac backup generators deliver power safely to your home's electrical panel. Considerations Before Purchasing a Backup Generator Before shopping in a home backup generator from Dallas companies like Verdegy, there are some factors you need to consider. First, determine which items and areas that will require restore of power in an emergency. If temperatures are freezing, pipes need to be protected from freezing so be sure your furnace has an emergency power supply. In hot and humid temperatures, air conditioners need to be backed up by a generator for protection against mold damage. For free furnace repair estimates and more HVAC solutions, go to To prevent spoilage of food in both the refrigerator and freezer, backup power needs to be in place. If your home has well-water and you want functioning restrooms, the well pump needs to be on the generator system. Also total the watts of power necessary to operate your home during power outages to determine what size generator is required for your needs. If necessary, an electrician can assist in this process. Finally, determine if purchasing an automatic operating backup generator is necessary to ensure the restore of your power even when you are away. Sources: Is a Standby Generator Right for You?, HouseLogic Backup Generators For Emergencies, StateFarm

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    Thanks for citing the benefits of backup generators. I’m currently deciding if I should get a standby generator or a portable one. I don’t really need to keep a lot of appliances to keep up during a power interruption aside from the HVAC, the fridge, the internet, and the computer but I don’t think a portable generator can power the first one.


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