We live in an unreliable world with unreliable electric power grids that can break down anytime, causing inconveniences for almost everybody. Despite the advancements in technology, there are still power outages which can be either unexpected or expected. That depends on the situation. Extreme weather changes are major contributors to power outages. If you are living in Dallas which is prone to thunderstorms and hailstorms, you might as well have a backup home generator, so that you are provided with an uninterrupted supply of power in emergency circumstances. But not just any generator, a Cummins home generator. But why Cummins? Cummins home generators are durable, sturdy, rugged, and dependable; they give the best electrical and mechanical performance. Cummins has always been synonymous with power, strength, quality, and durability. Founded in the year 1910, Cummins manufactured its first diesel generator in 1919. During the Second World War, they provided allied forces with heavy duty engines and also supplied power to the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. If you're interested in reading more information and learning about the story of the Cummins engine, click the link for a full background of Cummins and how the company started! Home generators offered by Cummins are the best for residential applications and if you are wondering here are a few reasons why

Better Performance

The great thing about Cummins generators is the fact that provide you with a performance that is unrivalled by any other generator. For example, in terms of electrical performance, Cummins generators can swiftly transfer an electric load within 10 seconds during a power outage. Furthermore, the alternator is brushless for stronger performance.

Lightweight Design

Cummins home generators have a sleek and compact design; this allows them to be lightweight as compared to its competitors. The design is reliable, versatile, and efficient.

Highest Quality Components

Cummins manufactures generators using strict quality control methods and guidelines. All components are produced with the highest quality of standards and assembled together painstakingly using meticulous processes.


If you are worried about waking up your neighbors, don't be. With Cummins innovative design, your residential backup generator will be as quiet as a mouse. This is due to the double enclosure that has been enveloped around the main generator which shields away the noise produced. The enclosure has a design that attenuates sound.


Cummins residential generators are extremely rugged and tough; the enclosure around them can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph and they will operate normally even when the temperature falls to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fuel Efficient

Cummins residential generators provide outstanding fuel economy due to their innovative, smart, and compact design. They can be run on propane, natural gas, lean-burn gas, and diesel.


Thanks to the advanced technology incorporated by Cummins, their home generators can perform a self-diagnosis to monitor its own functions and performance.

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