Though portable generators are excellent for providing you with power when you’re camping, these are also great for emergency situations. Add in propane, which has many great uses, and you've got a great product. Propane is a very energy efficient alkane, and you can find out more about it's many uses by checking out a site like You can go with a portable generator that will power certain things in your home, or you can opt for a full-size, permanent addition that will automatically come on when a storm knocks out the power for miles around. Here are just a few of the ways that the right generator can protect your home and family. Portable Propane Generator No Worries about the Food If you have a freezer full of beef, then last thing you want to do it throw it out because you lost power for a few days. While most freezers will effectively keep the food cold in an outage, the fact is that the freezer will eventually thaw if the power is out long enough. Opening and closing the door will only hasten the process. When you have a portable generator, you can produce your own power out in the garage and plug in your appliance in the house. This way, you won’t have to worry about food spoiling, and you can still get out a glass of milk when you’re thirsty. Medical Care for Any Weather With a portable propane generator, people won’t have to worry about keeping the power running to life support equipment, ventilators, and other medical machines. If you have an aging loved one at home who will not survive a power outage, then you should invest in a generator that can be provide you with energy when you need it most. A better option is to go with a residential unit that can be set up to common on automatically when the main grid goes down. Security from Thieves In the event of a major storm or other power failure, your home won’t be the only one without electricity. The lack of lighting creates a prime opportunity for criminals. However, you can be sure that your home will still have some basic illumination inside and out so that you can keep a watchful eye out for intruders. With a diesel generator, you’ll be ready to go when disaster strikes. Protect your home and family by making the investment today from Dallas companies like Verdegy, and you won’t have to worry about the lights going out. Sources: What are the Benefits of a Portable Gas Generator?, WiseGeek Benefits Of A Portable Generator, CBS New York

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