Today, many companies rely upon standby generators to provide electrical power during adverse environmental conditions. When severe storms, floods, or other natural disasters impose a burden on the electrical grid, small power generators enable business enterprises to continue operating. Industrial Cummins Generators The severe winter storms that impacted Dallas recently demonstrated the disruptive force of harsh weather conditions. Fortunately, hospitals, emergency responders and numerous disaster relief entities use generators in this type of situation to help maintain reliable operations. Smart Business Planning During harsh winter weather conditions, the power grid tends to experience higher than usual demands. Temporary power failures sometimes result, creating additional challenges for people attempting to cope with the problems caused by cold temperatures, difficult driving conditions and, sometimes, disrupted communications. Businesses that have planned in advance to use Cummins generators usually still enjoy access to electricity, despite grid disruptions. The ability to access power often determines whether facilities remain operational, or shut down. Some Illustrations When harsh weather threatened Santa Cruz in California recently, the use of standby generators proved very helpful for emergency relief operations. A similar situation occurred during the spring of 2015, when flooding in Galveston, Texas created widespread problems. Many Texas medical facilities at that time relied on industrial standby generators to help maintain public services. Increasingly, other businesses, and even many homeowners, use small standby generators to provide assistance during power grid failures. Relying on this strategy does require advanced planning. Yet since many locations suffer occasional power disruptions, the utility of backup generators today appears beyond dispute. Safety Precautions Experts recommend adhering to manufacturer's instructions during the installation of an emergency generator. Dallas companies like Verdegy supplies this type of equipment, and will provide guidelines from brand manufacturers detailing correct installation instructions. By planning ahead to cope with adverse weather conditions, savvy business executives avoid the expensive losses that sometimes result from unanticipated closures. Most firms simply cannot function well without a source of electricity. Sources: Power outage called good dry run for winter storms, Santa Cruz Sentinel, October 19, 2015 Winter power outage safety tips, The Randolph County Herald Tribune

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