The prevalence of major storms resulting in extended power outages has increased in recent years, which has contributed to the rising purchase of standby generators. Standby generators are permanently installed on a concrete pad outdoors and are connected directly to your home's electrical panel. They are powered by external fuel supplies including diesel, propane and natural gas. They are designed to provide home and business owners with necessary power supplies for several days without interruption. Big Difference Diesel vs Natural Gas Generators Both a diesel generator and natural gas generator can provide adequate power to a home or business for several days and each has specific benefits and drawbacks. First, natural gas is considered one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. Odor is no issue by using a natural gas generator, as no pungent odor is produced. Furthermore, using natural gas is effective in cost reduction, especially when used as a backup power source. More importantly, natural gas is readily available in most areas through the pipelines, doing away with the need for storing fuel. On the other hand, diesel offers an increased fuel efficiency related to its higher energy density. Diesel engines are sturdy, reliable, and generally have a longer lifespan, thus resulting in decreased maintenance costs as spark plugs or wires are not required for operation. This also reduces fire hazards. Choosing the Right Type of Generator Whether it’s for your home or for your business, there are several factors to consider when you’re torn between the two types of generators. First, consider the amount of kilowatts, or kW, you require. Applications where less than 150kW are required are better off using natural gas generators, otherwise your best bet is using diesel. Diesel is also the better option for those who do not have access of a natural gas infrastructure. Industries including hospitals and 911 call centers opt for diesel generators, as owners can always rely on them in providing adequate power. Should you still have uncertainties on the right choice, whether diesel or natural gas generator, you can always consult with Dallas experts, like those from Verdegy. Not all homeowners and business owners have the same needs, and going for the type that can meet all your power needs can help you save on costs. Sources: Understanding backup power system fuel choices, Consulting-Specifying Engineer Purchasing a Generator: Which Is Better—Diesel or Natural Gas?, Equipment World

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