Creating meaningful solutions

LED solutionsSolid-state lighting is changing the world. And Verdegy is at the forefront of this transformation. At Verdegy, we are driven by the needs of the people, to help them feel more comfortable and to improve the functionality of their surroundings. Verdegy’s screw-in and twist-in retrofits brings all the benefits of LEDs to your current fixtures and systems.

Verdegy offers a field retrofit kit upgrade from the existing antiquated sodium bulb/lamp design to LED. Such new energy-saving possibilities include a variety of LED designs and retrofit kit upgrades that can move current energy-hungry HPS fixtures into the twenty-first century without “ripping and replacing” existing, antiquated lighting equipment, while supporting new state-of-the-art applications to meet environmental and “green” standards. The ROI results with retrofit kits can be dramatic.

Verdegy retrofit kit “upgrade in place” solutions prevent the rip and replace approach to lighting modernization thereby saving installation money and improving the ROI. Retrofit kits do qualify for various energy rebate programs – state and Federal – thereby contributing to a greater ROI. Verdegy can also help with energy-efficiency assessments of your lighting infrastructure to quantify potential energy savings. The results include a turnkey, LED lighting modernization that you can deploy quickly.

A partnership you can trust

When you choose Verdegy, you are backed by our technical knowledge, unrivaled experience in designing and deploying LED lighting solutions, our system infrastructure, and excellent customer care. Our retrofit lamp family makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs without compromising on light quality and ambiance—with a simple twist. Our retrofit lamps are specifically designed to promote a people-centric and energy-efficient environment. As well as being easy to install into existing sockets, LEDs provide an attractive payback for all accent applications in retail, hospitality and other commercial settings. Verdegy retrofit solutions offer tremendous long-lasting performance, energy efficiency, and lower life-cycle costs by reducing re-lamp frequency, and provide white light ambiance.

LEDs, the greenest of the green

Lighting accounts for almost 18% of global electricity use, and lighting in the U.S. consumes a fifth of the amount—a cost of about $40 billion annually. Yet LEDs can reduce those energy needs, reduce greenhouse gases and shrink our national carbon footprint. It’s no wonder that LED lighting is championed by green leaders.

LEDs are cost-effective to own.

LED retrofits have a long rated average life, which reduces replacement costs. LEDs are very energy-efficient, making them green and lean. In most applications, they deliver a fast payback to the owner and user, too. Usually 5 years or less!

LEDs are easy to use.

Long-lasting LEDs are now packaged in traditional lamp shapes that mimic the light sources they replace. The new retrofit products are easy to install: Just take out the old lamps, and screw-in or twist-in the LED replacements.

LEDs are better for the environment.

LEDs are inherently energy-efficient, making them a big part of our sustainable future. They run cool, produce zero UV and infrared (IR), and contain no mercury. Their long rated average life mean less waste and fewer replacements needed. LEDs offer excellent life-cycle advantages, from cradle to cradle.

LEDs are better for people and property.

LED illumination has been called “harmless light” because it has no UV or IR rays. The light itself has no radiated heat, either. LED retrofits won’t spoil inventory or fade merchandise or precious artwork—and they won’t prematurely age building finishes.

LEDs improve ambience and performance.

Today’s advanced LED lighting, such as Verdegy’s white light retrofits, enhance our buildings in many ways. For scene setting, many LED retrofits are dimmable and offered in both warm and cool white. On a lamp-to-lamp level, LEDs offer superior color point consistency.

Choosing the right LED lamps

At some point, the thinking goes from “why to choose LED lamps” to “how to choose LED lamps”. LEDs have long been used for colored lights and signage. Now they’re seen as effective for general-purpose, white light. Even better, LEDs are now designed to be used for retrofit lamps in place of conventional light sources, such as incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent.

Why Verdegy?

Because Verdegy is a leader in LED products and services in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, and can provide best in class products and services forall of your lighting needs.

Because Verdegy is a leader in LED lighting retrofits, and has access to the most advanced and innovative technology.

Because Verdegy is committed to sustainable practices, and to delivering high-performance, energy efficient lighting solutions.

Verdegy is a leader in LED lighting innovations and retrofits, providing meaningful solutions that transform our world—visually and practically. With end-user needs as our starting point, Verdegy is driving the switch to energy-efficient products—and shaping the future with exciting new lighting technologies.

From Concept to Completion

Verdegy is there with you every step of the way. From system design, to retrofit kit and LED selection, to installation and operation, Verdegy will see the project through from beginning to end.

If you are ready to explore all of the benefits that LED lighting can provide for your home or facility, please visit our contact us page or simply give us a call at (214) 207-0506. We look forward to hearing from you!