Verdegy to the Rescue!

Verdegy customer Mike H. was sick and tired of his power going out every time a storm, heat wave, or winter weather event occured.  In December of 2013, Dallas got hit with a substantial snow and ice storm that left more than 300,000 people in the dark for 2 to 3 days.  Verdegy installed a 20kW Cummins residential generator on Mike’s home the day before the storm hit.  That evening, his power went off and the generator kicked on and ran for 36 hours non-stop.  He was the only house in his neighborhood with power and heat.  The timing of the installation could not have been better.  Mike and his family have a new since of security, knowing they are no longer 100% dependent on an unpredictable grid.

At Verdegy, we take ownership of the installation from beginning to end.  Our licensed and experienced electricians and plumbers have the knowledge and skill to complete the install quickly and safely.

You probably have questions:  how much, how big, where does this go?  To get answers and receive a low cost site evaluation and recommendation, call us today at (214) 207-0506 or drop us a line on our contact us page. Verdegy has been providing customers in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area with alternative energy solutions since 2007.  Verdegy . . . experience and reliability you can trust.

From project inception … to installation … to follow-through, Verdegy is a tirelessly creative force in providing the energy solutions you need.