What you need to know about your dog or cat when the power goes out.

You may not think your dog or cat will be affected by a power outage. After all, they can see better in the dark than we can, so everything should be fine, right? Not exactly. Read about how a power outage can affect your valued family member.

Pets are affected by power outages, too

First and foremost, animals pick up their cues from their owners. Your little canine or feline may become jumpy or reactive when the power goes out because you or a family member is agitated. If you are nervous about power outages, it’s safe to say your pet will be nervous as well. It's possible that your pet might be so alarmed by a power outage that it could cause itself an injury. In instances like this, Pets Best insurance comes into its own as the savings made compared to paying for procedures without insurance speak for themselves. I read a story where a pet owner’s dog was picking up alarms from other parts of the block. The dog would jump on her head anytime a fire alarm would beep (story source). Remember, dogs and cats can hear frequencies that you and I would never hear. There is no telling what sounds carry when the electricity goes off in any particular area. For more articles about pets and how to care for them, head to the Healthy Solutions for Pets website.

Caring for pets during power outages.


Keep in mind that you respond to temperature changes and your pets will too. They have become accustomed to the temperatures you set and drastic changes can affect them greatly. If it is getting cold in your house, use a blanket or something to keep them warm as well. Blankets and barkshop dog toys will ensure that pets are comfortable and loved.


If electricity is off in your area, you will need to have water from another source. Don’t forget about your pet as well. You want to keep water where they can access it and make sure it is not freezing over in the winter or evaporating in the summer.


First, and this is vitally important, if a power line is down in your area, keep your pets in doors. They may not know how to react and touching a downed power line could cause death. Also, you want to make sure you keep a very similar routine for your pet. If you typically walk them, take them out or do any other daily or weekly activity with your pet, continue to do so. Uprooting their routines could cause undo stress. Here are some other tips for your pets during power outages.

You may never have to worry again about power outages.

If you would like to make sure your dog or cat does not have any issues during a power outage, just avoid power outages. While you may not be able to avoid the power going out, you can make sure it comes back on in as little as 20 seconds with a whole house power generator. These generators are quiet and can power your entire house keep your furry family and the rest of your family safe and secure during power failures. Verdegy is here to help you protect your family no matter how furry they may be. Give us a call at 214-207-0506.

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