When it comes to the power supply for your home or business, you don’t want to take any chances, especially if your business is portable, such as this story of this portable concession stand, for example. You may think that power outages won’t happen, but the fact is that Dallas and the surrounding areas are in the path of hurricanes during the late summer, and ice storms can strike the area in the winter. Rather than struggling with unexpected power outages, people can invest in standby generators that will keep them comfortable and safe during power blackouts. Generac Backup Generator Proper Sizing When you get at Generac backup generator, it’s vital that you have it sized properly. Every generator on the market is designed to carry a certain load. While a portable unit is fine for a single refrigerator, it will not keep all of the light, electronics and air conditioner running. By contrast, a standby unit can be sized to power everything that matters to you. They turn on automatically, can be powered by a gas line so that you never have to refill them, and provide you with the power that you need. A home that’s about 2,200 square feet can power the well pump, water heater, gas furnace or central air, refrigerator, freezer, kitchen, and a few electronics with 16 to 20 kilowatts of power. In an emergency, you could continue living comfortably for several weeks while you wait for basic services to come back online. Protect Your Business When it comes to commercial settings, generators are even more important. It’s not about staying open or closing the doors. It is, however, about keeping your security system active to prevent looting, safeguarding any inventory that needs a temperature-controlled environment, and keeping your computers secure. Another consideration is the customers or employees who may be in your business when the lights go out. With emergency generators, you can keep them safe and comfortable for a more organized evacuation when the weather clears out a little. Before buying a commercial backup generator from Dallas companies like Verdegy, you should consider the differences between portable and permanent units. The portable units are cheap to buy, but they lack reliability and power. Permanent units can be more cost-effective because they’re always ready to go and are far more powerful and stable than other models. Sources: Choosing a Backup Generator, Mother Earth News How to Buy the Right Backup Generator for Your Disaster & Budget, Popular Mechanics

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