In August of 2013, James Osborne with the Dallas Morning News wrote an excellent article regarding a study conducted by NRG Energy that was filed with the Texas Public Utility Commission.  You can read the entire article here. There were two items in the article that really stood out to me:
The study, which was filed with the Texas Public Utility Commission on Tuesday afternoon, reports that by 2016 Texas could see spiking electricity prices and as many as four rolling blackouts a year — compared with three over the last three decades.  Source
With more than 1,000 new residents moving to Texas every day and power plant construction slow, the margin between capacity and demand is expected to shrink in the years ahead.  Source
The residents of Dallas and Ft. Worth experience daily how fragile the electrical grid really is.  Heck, over 50,000 residents experienced some kind of power outage just from this past Thursday's severe storms.  This fragile grid is what drove me to add residential and commercial generators to Verdegy's product line.  The ice storm of 2012 knocked out the power in my house on Christmas day for over 12 hours.  Imagine!  We had a house full of local and out-of-town family and friends and we had a house with no heat, no oven, no way for the kids to play their new games, no Christmas tree lights . . . I could go on forever.  Heck, we were charging our phones and tablets with car charges with a running car in the driveway.  Thank God for the fireplace!  It was ridiculous. After this experience, I decided I would never put myself and my family in that position again.  After conducting extensive amounts of research, I decided that Cummins Power Generation generators were the best built generators in the world.  That's why Verdegy is a factory direct rep for Cummins generators.  Verdegy's first install was my personal residence.  I installed the Cummins Power Generation RS Series 20AC.  It is a 20kw residential generator that powers my entire home when the grid goes down.  You can read all about the generator here. In the 18 months since I've owned the generator, I can honestly say it has been a life saver.  It has been a tremendous asset and has given me and my family wonderful peace of mind.  With last Thursday's severe storms, I was certain the power would go out.  I was in Georgetown at the time and it was so great to be able to flip open my laptop, log in to my Cummins website and remotely switch to the backup generator 170 miles away from home! Verdegy is proud to offer residents of Dallas and Ft. Worth the best residential generators available today.  It's never been a better time to take yourself off the grid.  At Verdegy, we take ownership of the installation from beginning to end.  Our licensed and experienced electricians and plumbers have the knowledge and skill to complete the install quickly and safely. You probably have questions:  how much, how big, where does this go?  To get answers and receive a low-cost site evaluation and recommendation, drop us a line on our Contact Us page or call us today at (214) 207-0506. Verdegy has been providing customers in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area with alternative energy solutions since 2007.  Verdegy . . . experience and reliability you can trust. From project inception … to installation … to follow-through, Verdegy is a tirelessly creative force in providing the energy solutions you need. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Best regards, Ryan Rendleman
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