Tropical storms and hurricanes that travel along the Gulf Coast have the power to knock out power in Texas, including in the Greater Dallas area. While portable generators are handy for keeping your refrigerator or other important appliances up and running, a standby generator is more convenient, powerful, and effective. If you’re preparing for emergencies, you may want to add this valuable appliance to your list. Standby Generator Security and Safety During an emergency situation, one of the challenges with any portable generator is that it may be stolen. However, a whole house generator in Dallas will be secured in its own vented cage that’s safe from the weather and protected from vandals. Ready to Go A generator is ready to go on a moment’s notice. You don’t have to search for extension cords or stand out in the rain trying to get it started. They’re hardwired to your home, and they can be set to automatically turn on within minutes of a power outage. Bigger Loads Another advantage of a permanent setup is that they can handle heavier loads. A small portable generator may create enough energy to keep your refrigerator running, but a permanent unit can be large enough to power your central air conditioner. With automatic switches, you don’t even have to be present to flip the system on. It will automatically engage when it’s needed. Ideal for Frequent Outages A standby generator is a necessity in any area that sees frequent outages or is at a higher risk for severe weather. In Dallas, people face the risk of outages in the fall from hurricanes and severe weather. In the winter, ice storms can knock down power lines and lead to power failures. If you want to protect your family in an emergency situation, then put a home standby generator at the top of your list. Make sure to get one from a reputed company in Dallas, like Verdegy. The next time the power goes out, you won’t have to worry about getting your news, keeping your perishables cold or maintaining a comfortable household. Sources: Power on Demand: How It Works, This Old House Is a Standby Generator Right for You?, House Logic

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