home standby generatorTop 10 Reasons you need a generator

Here's the top 10 reasons you want to consider your need for a backup generator for your home:

      1. Our nation’s power grids are unstable and unpredictable. (see grid story)

      2. Storms can knock the power out for days. (see our story)

      3. Winter snow and ice break tree limbs that can fall on power lines.

      4. Extreme heat in the summer overloads our grids because we do not have enough power generation to handle growing demands.

      5. The population is growing but power generation is not.  There are no plans to build any additional nuclear or coal power plants.

      6. Most of our power lines and transformers are old and can easily break or fail.

      7. Traffic accidents with power poles happen daily and take the power out.

      8. One of our national security threats is an attack on our power grid that is totally unprotected.

      9. Fireworks or even mylar balloons, can damage transformer or power lines.

      10. Animals can damage power lines and transformers knocking out your power in seconds.

You want to protect your family and your belongings before any of the above situations happen near you.

We provide home standby generators to give you a peace of mind.  And if you own a business, we provide industrial standby generators as well.

We can meet all of your power needs, but you want to make sure to get your backup generator before something happens and you are left in the dark.

It is not a matter of IF one of these things will happen, but WHEN one of these things happen.

Don't hesitate, give us a call today 214-207-0506.

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  1. Scott

    I agree that one of the reasons to think about getting a backup generator is because storms can often knock out the power for days. I know that where I live, we often experience intense thunderstorms and blizzards that make us not have power for a couple hours or days. I’ll have to talk with my wife about why we should have a generator installed.


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