electric-panel-verdegy-ryanWhy would you need to have a whole house generator installed in your home?

Many people don't think about all

the little things electricity does for our lives. Look at these few examples and decide if you want to consider a backup generator.
  1. When the power goes out, it gets hot or cold in the home because the HVAC system is out.

  2. Food in the freezer and refrigerator spoils and must be thrown out.

  3. The home security system is not working leaving your house unprotected.

  4. No street lights means you are vulnerable to theives and those who may want to cause harm.

  5. You have no way to boil water or cook food.

  6. Your internet and television is out and you can’t get emergency weather notifications.

  7. You have no way to charge your cell phone.

  8. People on oxygen or life support rely on power for their equipment.

  9. Exotic fish tanks, such as those installed by The Fish Room, require 24/7 power to keep the fish alive

  10. Wine cellars require a constant temperature to preserve priceless wines.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider. Ultimately, you want to protect your family and your belongings. The more prepared you are, the better you can protect and provide for your family. We offer emergency generators so you are always prepared. Verdegy offers automatic home backup generators, known as home standby generators. When the grid goes down, power is restored within seconds without the home owner having to do a thing.

Remember, it is not a matter of IF your electricity will go out, it is a matter of WHEN will it go out.

Make sure you read our post about ten things that could cause electricity to go out here in Dallas, Tx.

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