Wine enthusiasts know how important it is to keep your wine at just the right temperature. If your wine changes temperature for a short time, it will probably be ok.   However, during a power outage, your wine could see drastic changes in temperature in a short span of time.  That will not help your wine maintain its perfectly balanced flavor nor benefit your sensitive taste pallet that you have worked so hard to develop. So what can you do?  

How to keep wine at a consistent temperature

When the power goes out, your wine will stay where it is and in that condition for a short time.  If the power goes out for days, or in extreme weather, you may have something to worry about if you have spent time collecting just the right collection of wine for your sophisticated taste.   The ambient temperature should keep for a few hours, but if the electricity is off for longer, your wine will begin to age and change temperatures.  In the heat of summer or the dead cold of winter is when power outages are most likely to occur.  However, power outages can occur at random intervals due to things as common as a squirrel.   If you own a wine cabinet, you may be able to add a block of ice or wrap your wine with cool towels and keep it in a cool space.  It can remain at that temperature of a couple of days provided you have a well-insulated cooling compartment.  You will need to re-ice and clean up any excessive water to keep your wine at peak condition. (source) When the electricity goes out, it is best to protect any sensitive valuable.  You can make a contingency plan in case of a power outage, or you can plan to protect your valuable asset with an insurance policy, or even better, prevent the loss by having a standby power generator.  It is important to note that 25% of insurance claims for loss of wine come from power outages. (source) Whole house standby power generators can turn your electricity back on automatically within 20 seconds.  That is not nearly enough time to affect your wine and should keep your valuables in perfect condition.  Then, when it is time to open the bottle to enjoy it, it will be exactly what you expect: perfect smell, perfect taste, perfect feel on your well-developed taste pallete. If you want to protect your wine and your home, we would love to come by an give you a site assessment for a home generator.  We will maintain your generator, so no matter what mother nature throws at you to knock out power, you will have your wine collection kept in tip top shape. Verdegy is here to help you protect your family and your valuables no matter what kind of bottle they come in.  Give us a call at 214-207-0506.

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