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Power Outage Alerts

I received this helpful article via email from Cummins and would like to share it with our valuable customers.

It is important to keep up with power outages.  If you notice power outages in your area, it is only a matter of time before your power goes out.

If you want the security of not having to worry about power outages, you should call us for a free site assessment, 214-207-0506.


Power Outage Alerts

Driven by aging electrical grids, severe weather and simple human error, power outages are increasing both in number and severity.  Last year, more than 36 million people experienced power outages in the U.S.  It is no surprise that power outages are the biggest driver of demand for home standby generators, making it critical to know about severe weather before it occurs to best serve and market to your customers. 
We have listed below several sources for monitoring power outages, as well as threats for your local area.

Local Utility Company: The utility company in your area is a good resource for power outage information. Check your local utility company’s website to see if they offer severe weather alerts. We also suggest following their social media accounts; turn on post notifications for their accounts to ensure you receive the latest weather and outage alerts. This online tracker pulls near real-time data from local utility companies across the country.  We recently added this tracker to our website (here).  Severe weather is the leading cause of power outages.  It is important to track severe weather before it hits to ensure you’re prepared to connect with customers when the frustration of losing power is still fresh in their minds.

AccuWeather Alerts:AccuWeather will email daily forecasts, as well as severe weather watches and warnings directly to you.  These weather alerts provide you with a map detailing the area(s) likely to be affected, as well as details on the timing and impact of the weather.  Clickhereto sign up.

Eaton Power Outage Tracker: The Eaton Power Outage Tracker is a good source for historical power outage data across the U.S.  It also provides the causes and impacts for each power outage.  This tracker has not been updated this year, but allows you to see power outages since February 2008, so you can educate yourself on historical outages in your area.  Clickhereto use the Eaton Blackout Tracker.

The Weather Channel:Weather.comprovides information on lighting strikes, thunderstorms, hurricanes and other severe weather events.  Like AccuWeather, it also allows you to sign up for severe weather alerts and updated information on weather conditions.  Clickhereto learn more.


I hope you learned a lot about power outages.  In Dallas, we have lots of different storms that affect our electricity.  I hope you will consider getting a standby home generator so we can better protect your home and your family.  Call us today at, 214-207-0506.


True Story . . . I attended to a network meeting last week only to find the electricity was out at the restaurant where we regularly meet!

They said a transformer blew out, which happens more often than you would think. They should invest in Resin and Oil Power Transformers instead of the normal transformers, as they are classed as more environmentally friendly and safe if a fire breaks out. There was no rain or wind that morning, but it just popped and right at lunch time. It knocked out their electricity so they could not run their restaurant during some of their most busy times.

How much money can a restaurant lose without electricity?

First, let me give you some context of why I was meeting at Spring Creek. I meet with a business networking group on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. It is a great way to connect to other business leaders and eat some good BBQ. I have noticed at least two other small groups of people meeting on those same Tuesdays.

In our group we had 12 people this week. Usually we see two other groups of 6 and 8 people. Then, we see people coming in and out all through our hour we are meeting.

Just estimating (because I noticed how many people are coming and going), the line fills up at 15 people and it fills up about 10 times while we are there for one hour. That adds up to 150 people. At $10 a lunch plate and $2 a drink, the average is $1800 per hour, not including groups, larger order take-outs or desserts. (I ran these numbers by a person who used to run a restaurant and he confirmed my estimates are spot on.)

This restaurant could have lost around $5000 over the course of lunch. And, if the electricity was out for supper, you can probably double that amount. In just one day they could have lost more money that it would have taken for them to install a permanent industrial generator for their restaurant.

Of course, that cost does not even account for any food they had to throw out due to loss of refrigeration. Malfunctioning refrigeration equipment for businesses can be costly which is why it may be worth that business owners learn more about commercial ice machine repair in Durham or wherever they happen to be located. It also does not account for workers who they had to pay since they showed up for work. Yikes, a power outage at a business can cost a lot of money very quickly! My friend, who is a business owner decided to compare quotes for his electricity while the power was working as it should and saved a bunch of money. Usave got him his quote. read this to find out more.

Backup generators keep a business up and running during a power outages preventing losses in revenue and productivity.

If you have a business, I want you to seriously consider the cost of power going out for just a few hours. What if we have a big storm and it goes out for a few days?! I would love to chat with you about a permanent solution to help keep your business with power and keep your business making money. Call us at 214-207-0506.

Verdegy was featured on Good Morning Texas to show how Home Generators can help Dallas Residents

Ryan talked about the power of Cummins Home Generators for anyone in Dallas and why it is important to have back up power in the DFW area.

It aired last month, but they had the wrong graphics.  Here is the updated video.


Make sure to tell your friends about this great generator.  If you need one, or know anyone who does, please have them give Ryan a call at 214-207-0506

Of course, if you want to watch this program directly on Good Morning Texas, just follow this link.


Living in the 21st century has its perks; you can cover thousands of miles in a few hours, talk to your loved ones over long distances, entertain yourself through televisions and computers, and even drive to and fro from work in your electric car. Moreover, as opposed to your ancestors, you are blessed when it comes to electricity, whereby you receive an abundant supply of electric power in your home throughout the day.

However, even with all the technological advances, mankind is still prone to the downsides of utilizing technology especially when talking about power outages. Many wonder why the power goes out, despite the so-called advanced world. Well, here are a few reasons why power breakdowns still occur.


Nobody can deny the fury of Mother Nature; it’s that aspect of nature that can wreak havoc upon human beings and their belongings. The wrath of Mother Nature appears in the form of tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis, gales, etc. This is true in Dallas where hurricanes, hailstorms, and tornadoes are common.

The strong winds, heavy snows, hard rainfall, and ice storms can cause overhead power cables to snap and fall down. Moreover, gales can easily uproot trees, so why not power poles? They break them in the blink of an eye, causing them to fall and snap power lines. This is one of the most important reasons why the power goes out.

Even underground cables are susceptible to damage during excessive rainfall which causes flooding. The water seepage causes them to short-circuit and burnout. They also get damaged during earthquakes. That’s why it’s important to have a home backup generator as technology still cannot stop the onslaught of Mother Nature.

Scheduled Power Outages

Sometimes, power utilities carry out maintenance work on substations, power lines, power poles, etc. for either repairing or replacing a damaged component like transformers, feeders, etc. Obviously, when they do this, they will shut off the power temporarily; they don’t want their workers to get exposed to high voltages and lose their lives!

Such power outages are quite rare especially in Dallas, but nevertheless still happen and affect only a limited number of people. Hence, a home emergency generator is crucial in such circumstances. Apparently, there is no technology that cannot develop any faults, yet.

Accidental Power Outage

Have you ever done something which you regretted later? Of course, we all have. And this is something which can be related to power breakdowns. Although quite rare, it still does take place and can become a nuisance for many people along with a serious lawsuit for the offender.

If you receive electricity through underground power lines for example, there might come a time in your life when you have to see your power being cut off accidentally because someone forgot to place a call before digging to install a new pipeline, carry out road maintenance or perform maintenance on the cable itself. Therefore, it’s always better to own a whole house backup generator in such situations because no technology has been invented to prevent humans from making mistakes.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy was the worst and the deadliest hurricanes to hit the United States and as a result, there was a lot of damage including severe power outages which caused further infrastructural damage. Power outages are quite common in the city of Dallas, Texas and they can cause many problems. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Without a home backup generator, refrigerators, freezers, and fridges stop working, causing your stored food to get spoiled. This results in hundreds of dollars of damage as you will eventually have to replace the spoiled food.
  • If the heating systems stop working during winters, ice starts forming inside and outside the plumbing pipes, and they might crack and burst, causing water leaks and seepages. This is a problem Paul The Plumber can fix but if this scenario is preventable, it seems right to do so.
  • Unless you are a bat, you wouldn’t like to spend your night in darkness, forcing you to rent a room in a hotel or motel. This adds to your overall costs.
  • Your house is vulnerable to scrupulous characters during a power outage. The risk of theft is high and you might have to replace your valuable belongings if they are stolen.

What is a Home Standby Generator?

Everyone has heard of generators, but what exactly is a home emergency generator? It is a permanent, cost-effective, reliable, turnkey, and long-term solution to a power outage. Such generators provide electric power independently during power breakdowns by utilizing a transfer switch to turn on the generator as soon as the sensor senses a loss of electric power.

Since the entire process is automatic, the electrical load is transferred instantly to the generator, thus supplying an uninterrupted electrical supply to your home. Whole house backup generators are installed outside your home.

How Do They Help?

Home backup generators have many benefits and advantages. Let’s take a look at how they can help during a major power outage.

  • You don’t have to do anything. The generator is automated and turns on automatically as soon as the power breaks down, therefore providing uninterrupted electrical power to your home.
  • In the event of hurricanes, tornadoes or thunderstorms, your home’s basic HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration systems operate normally.
  • It reduces any financial losses that may arise due to power breakdowns. For example, your freezer and refrigerator keeps working, thus preventing stored food from rotting. The thermostat and heating system will operate sufficiently, thereby averting the threat of pipes cracking and bursting during winters.
  • These generators can easily power a house for many days after a major power outage, protect your electrical appliances from voltage fluctuations and surges, and keep you and your family safe from robbers during power breakdowns.


Mother Nature can give human beings a rude awakening in the form of terrible weather conditions like thunderstorms, hailstorms, ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. These pose a threat to our lives and property including our electricity systems. Not only can that, but extreme drought, wildfires, and heat can also severely hamper the generation and distribution of electricity. For example in May 2016, severe thunderstorms in Dallas had caused as many as 1700 people to be without power.

Due to increase in greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, the planet has become unpredictable and more and more extreme changes in weather have created negative consequences for electric power utilities. This is mostly due to the electricity infrastructure being old and outdated; the only viable solution is to speed the development and deployment of renewable energy systems to establish a more resilient and robust electricity grid. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused people to be without power in 21 states.

Rising Sea Levels

As many as 100 electric power utilities in the United States are situated in regions at a distance of 4 feet from high tides. This includes substations and power plants. Due to global warming and the consequent melting of polar ice caps, sea levels around the world have risen since the year 1880.

According to a report, they will continue to rise a further 6.6 feet, thereby increasing the prospects of coastal flooding. When this happens, power plants and substations will go offline and power will be disrupted for many people. In such cases, home backup generators are a viable solution.

More Wildfires

Wildfires occur due to extreme drought and dryness and they can cause severe damage to electricity infrastructure like transmission poles, lines, etc. Another potential hazard arises from the fact that particulate matter and smoke particles can ionize the air, hence building an electrical channel away from the power lines and shutting them down.

Increase in Heat Waves

Heat waves are common throughout the U.S., but recent climatic changes have increased the intensity and duration of such heat waves. As it is known, extreme heat lowers the efficiency of power plants and that too, when more electricity is being consumed. This puts further stress on the electricity grid which can cause them to break down. Having a reliable backup solution like home emergency generator is a good choice.

Thunderstorms, Hurricanes, Gales, and Ice Storms

All of these storms are accompanied by strong gusts of winds and hailstones which can snap power lines and uproot power poles. This causes a massive power outage for thousands of people. In addition, lightning from thunderstorms might disrupt voltage regulation in electricity grids by causing brownouts and voltage surges which might damage electrical appliances.


Periods of extensive drought might cause decline in the availability of water supplies. Water is utilized by power plants for the purpose of cooling; hence, if water resources are scarce, power plants will be forced to limit the daily production of electricity or shutdown for a certain period of time. It’s important to possess a whole house backup generator in such circumstances.