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melting summer temperatures

100 Degrees Weather Spells for one Hot Summer in Dallas, Tx

We are barely out of May and the weather reports are already showing multi-day one hundred degrees weather. Our average here in Dallas, TX is not to hit the one hundred degree mark until July 1st, so we are already a month head of our already hot averages.


Besides ice cream, beach trips and shorts, we will be using a lot of electricity to keep cool . . . a lot more than you may realize. The extreme electricity usage will make our summer even hotter since officials are already talking about rolling black outs. Wanting to keep as cool as possible this summer without spending too much on energy bills? Taking a look into energy plans from the likes of hello energy could do just that for you.


Why do we have rolling black outs

The short answer is usage. We are using more electricity and not building more power plants. Think about all the additional electronics you have in your house versus just ten years ago. Plus, here in the Dallas area, there are a lot more people moving to the area with no more power production.


With more people, more electronics per person, and even electric cars becoming more prevalent, it all adds up to a significant amount of electrical usage. When you combine these conditions, it is like a rolling snowball of energy usage. It gets bigger and bigger until something has to crash. Rolling black outs is a way to avoid the crash with small outages rather than big large scale disasters.


Electricity production has increased slightly, but we have closed three large coal power plants: Big Brown, Sandow and Monticello. That knocked out enough energy to power about two million homes. Closing coal plants is a national trend to help alleviate pollution, but it does nothing to make up for additional power needs. Other Texas projects like wind farms, are coming out but not enough to make up for three plant closures. (1)

Rolling black outs are a HIGH possibility in 2018

Texas’ grid operator is warning that there could be a risk of summer blackouts as the state’s power use is expected to reach new record levels. Texas faces looming hot weather, a growing population and electric generation margins — the difference between the power being generated and what’s being used by customers — that will tighten to the lowest they’ve been in years. (2)


The senior director also chimed in: “There is a possibility that we may have what are called rotating outages (in 2018),” said Dan Woodfin, ERCOT’s senior director of system operations. “Since we have more resources, that risk is probably reduced a little bit. But really, the focus for ERCOT is to make sure that we can quickly respond.” (3)


The way they will ‘respond quickly’ to high usage is to implement rolling black outs. You may not be affected at that moment, but once these black outs start, it is only a matter of time.


What happens to your electronics in a rolling black out


Many people may not realize that computers and cell phones can be greatly affected by a rolling black out. When the power goes off, it will cut out power to electronic devices. It is crucial that you unplug and turn off any electrical device immediately even if they are on batter power. Of course, you can leave your phone on, but make sure it is not plugged in to the wall or USB charger.


When the power comes back on there is sometimes a surge of energy. Surge protectors may stop the surge, but some powered devices can still be affected in times of Black Outs because of the way the energy is amped up.


Plus, it is suggested that you replace power surge protectors every two years. (4) If you are like most people, you probably don’t even remember when you bought them and they may not be doing you much good.


What to do in a rolling black out


First of all, be calm and patient. Depending on the demand, it could be out for only 15 minutes or longer if there are critical issues with the heat and power consumption. It could go off for hours if the energy usage has to be directed to emergency care facilities like hospitals or our growing senior facilities.


In summer electricity black outs you want to do the following:

  • Take care of any children, elderly and pets to make sure they stay cool.
  • Turn off all electronics AND you’re A/C. (You may want to leave a light on to know when it comes back on.)
  • Use flashlights rather than candles to avoid more heat and possible fires.
  • One quick tip: Do not open your fridge. If you need something, quickly open and shut it to conserve the food inside. If the electricity is off more than a couple of hours, you can begin to see food wastage.


You can AVOID a rolling BLACK OUT.


Many people see using generators as a great source of electricity. They go to the home supply store and pick up a gas generator. Those are good in general, but be aware of the carbon dioxide and poisonous air that is put out by a gasoline operated unit. These are not meant to be used indoors and they will not be much help in operating cooling systems like air conditioning. The best use of these is for single plug and short interval emergency usage.


If you want a more reliable, safer generator for your whole house consider a standby home generator. With a reliable standby generator, it comes on almost immediately if there is any change in the incoming electrical currents. Power is usually on within seconds of power going out.


If our electrical providers use rolling black outs as they have indicated, you don’t have to wait for them to restore electricity since yours will be on automatically with a whole house generator. When the electrical system restores electricity, your standby generator will sense the change and shift back to the system. You may not even notice the change.


Even when the heavy summer Texas thunderstorms hit, you are still covered all year round. A standby generator will keep your power on even if the whole city electricity goes off. If lighting crashes a power line and knocks out the whole nighborhood, you will still have electricity to keep you cool and your family safe. If a squirrel or car hits a power line and knocks out your block, you will still have electricity.


Call us today if you would like to get a standby home generator for your house. We offer a free site evaluation where we can talk to you about your options. Ryan Rendleman is a professional installer who will share with you the best, most cost effective way to protect your house in times of electrical outages. He should know since he has one in his house, too.

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Why a Natural Gas Backup Generator Works for Your Dallas Home

Home backup generators provide a peace of mind during a power outage. They can power up your house for days after a power outbreak by allowing your refrigerators, heating and air-conditioning systems, washing machines, televisions, computers, etc. to function in a normal manner. Furthermore, it is a good investment as it will provide you with an excellent return by mitigating the financial losses associated with power outages.

Home standby generators can run on gasoline, natural gas, or propane. Backup generators are generally costly and that’s why you need to consider the fuel sources before purchasing one. This is mostly dependent upon the location of your residence. If your home is situated on the grid, then it is a better choice to buy a natural gas home generator as you are already utilizing natural gas for the purposes of heating.

There are many benefits of investing in a natural gas generator for your Dallas home.home standby generator

·        Readily Available

Unlike oil, propane, or gasoline, natural gas is a dependable source of fuel for domestic purposes and it is always available, even if there is a natural disaster like a hurricane. The gas is supplied through a pipeline and there is no need of scheduling a gas supply.

·        It is a Clean Fuel

Natural gas is a fossil fuel, but it is the cleanest and the most energy efficient fossil fuels available. Compared to other fossil fuels like gasoline, oil, and diesel, it has no pungent odor and produces less harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and sulfur. Furthermore, natural gas generators do not produce ash, carbon, or soot, unlike gasoline generators.

·        Low Cost

Due to an increasing demand, the price of natural gas is much lower than that of gasoline, oil, or diesel. Hence, it is cheaper to run and maintain a natural gas backup generator than a gasoline or an oil powered generator.

·        It is Much Safer

Natural gas is non-toxic in nature; even if you inhale a small amount, no major health risks are associated with it. On the other hand, gasoline, oil, and diesel can prove to be harmful if inhaled and can pose a serious threat to your health. Gas generators have low emissions and there is no soot or ash produced as a by-product.

However as a safety precaution, when a gas generator is installed, the dealer adds an odorant to the gas since it is odorless. If there is a leak, the gas can be detected through the odorant and the necessary measures can be undertaken.

·        No Storage Costs

Natural gas doesn’t need to be stored like oil, diesel, or gasoline. It is supplied to the generator directly through the pipeline. Hence, no extra costs are associated with storing natural gas. Additionally, natural gas does not go bad like gasoline if it is stored in a cylinder.


home standby generatorWhy Your Home Needs an Emergency Backup Solution

Many people consider emergency backup solutions like a home standby generator as a luxury; however, it is something crucial and even a necessity especially if you live in an area prone to frequent power outbreaks like here in Dallas. With all of our Texas thunderstorms, there can be a power outage for days when a severe storm hits and it becomes extremely difficult to perform even the most basic house chores.

On top of that, you can incur hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars in damage. You might need to replace the food that has gone bad or you may need to temporarily shift yourself and your family into a hotel or a motel. Many people have to fork out quite a lot of money in order to fix these issues in their homes, but its not all bad as nowadays being able to use sites like Sofi can get you a home improvement loan. This way you don’t have to be in financial stress, and you’ll be all prepared for next time with that new generator. You can even pay your loan back in instalments, just whilst you get back on your feet. There are many benefits of buying a home emergency generator.

· Uninterrupted Supply

The basic function of a backup generator is to provide a steady supply of electrical power. Hence, a good house standby generator utilizes an automatic sensing switch that detects the loss of power and instantly switches on the generator. The supply is seamless and uninterrupted.

· Peace of Mind

With an emergency backup solution, you don’t have to worry about spending the night in total darkness nor worry about the food in your refrigerator. You can run your air-conditioning or heating system, washing machine/dryer, lights, television, computer, cell phone charger, etc.

· An Excellent Return on Your Investment

Although the initial cost of purchasing and installing a house backup generator is high, it proves to be cost-effective in the long run. In cases of extreme power outages, a backup generator will prevent your food from getting spoiled, thereby allowing you to save hundreds of dollars.

· They Are Easily Managed

Most home backup generators conduct self-diagnosis and provide an updated status about its state, such as oil change time, low fuel indicators, etc. Some of them can be controlled through the internet. These generators are designed to run for days after a power outage.

· Different Sizes Available

Home emergency generators are available in different power ratings which can run an entire house or just the vital section. For example, 7 to 12 kilowatt units can power up to 16 loads, while 20 to 48 kilowatt units can power the entire house.

· Automatic Isolation

The best thing about an emergency backup solution is that it isolates your house from the utility lines when the power fails. The sudden loss of power can cause voltage spikes, surges, and brownouts which can damage your appliances.

Similarly when the power returns, the backup generator will not transfer the power back to the utility till the voltage is stabilized. This is because low voltages, surges, and severe voltage fluctuation can damage your electrical appliances.

· Permanent Installation

A house backup generator is installed on a concrete pad outside your home and it is often permanent. There are no extension cords or cables that need to be run from the generator to your house. In the event of a natural disaster, you don’t have to come up with a backup plan for your energy needs and the generator operates smoothly and safely.

I would love to talk to you about protecting your home. Call me at 214-207-0506