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Emergency Sirens Hacked in Dallas.

At nearly quarter to midnight on Friday, all 156 of Dallas’ emergency alarm systems went off. They’re designed to warn citizens of the Texas city about severe storms, tornados and other dangerous weather. But there was no sign of any storms coming on the weekend. It soon emerged that hackers had set off all 156 of the outdoor warning sirens.

If the city’s emergency alarm systems were hacked, what’s to prevent the hackers from going after the power grid in the DFW area.

We are dealing with antiquated systems that are not encrypted well enough to prevent these sort of security breaches. With all international tension in the world and a global internet that connects everyone, anything could happen.

Note: The city of Dallas doesn’t know if it was hacked locally or by someone half way across the world.

How can you protect yourself the power grid going down unexpectedly for who know how long?

Get a backup generator!  Everyone should have one.  Your power will be restored to your home within seconds of an outage.  That keeps you and your family safe, comfortable and connected. It’s an unpredictable world we live in and we need to all be prepared.

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