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Ryan Rendleman went above and beyond to help his customer. Even though Ryan was safe and warm in his house during a major thunderstorm here in Dallas, he heard that a customer was having problems. Ryan’s electricity was still working because his generator was working, but he wanted his customer to have the same peace of mind.

Ryan jumped up to take action and look what this customer wrote as a review:

“Ryan is the best! Last night we had a huge thunderstorm in Dallas – we lost electricity and our generator would not come on.  We called Ryan and he came immediately (even though it was 11:00 at night and was pouring rain). He determined the problem ( had been caused by the pool people) and fixed it within 10 minutes. Ryan’s service is amazing and he is the only generator expert in Dallas that we would ever consider working with. Thank you Ryan!!!!” (Daffan and Doug Nettle -Sent from their iPhone)

Even though the problem was caused by the customer’s pool company, Ryan did not let that stop him from helping his customer. Ryan truly cares about what he does with home generators and will go out of his way to make sure your electricity stays on even in the rough springtime Texas thunderstorms.

Here is a video Ryan shared about the experience:

Feel Free to Give Ryan a call at 214-207-0506 if you want a great generator for your house and one of the best generator companies who strives to help customers, you definitely want to work with Verdegy!


Your Dallas Commercial Generator Questions ANSWERED!

We get lots of questions from business owners about Commercial generators.  How does it look? Will installation affect my business?  What is the ROI?

We created a video to help answer all of your questions:


By the way, someone asked what a commercial generator looks like at a business location, so below is a photo of one of our installs.

commercial generator dallasWe make every effort to help your new commercial generator blend in with your business.  For instance, in our most recent installation, we created a wall and covered it with materials to match the building.

I’m Ryan Rendleman of Verdegy. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Call 214-207-0506 for a free estimate for your Dallas commercial generator.