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bad storms dallas

This could have been the scene in April 26 in Dallas when we had three confirmed tornados, thunderstorms, hail and lots of damage to homes.  Not to mention all the power outages that followed.

How a Home Backup Generator Can Help During Power Outages in Dallas

We have seen a lot of bad weather in 2016.  April, May and June saw Tornados, Hail and of course the wonderful Texas Thunderstorms.  As a result, there were many power outages which caused further damage. Dallas power outages are a nuisance and there are quite a few pitfalls related to it.

  • Your food may get spoiled, because the freezers and refrigerators stop working. As a result, you may have to replace the food which can cost you hundreds of dollars.
  • If it is winter and there is a power outage, the plumbing pipes may freeze up and eventually crack and burst, causing water seepage. You might have to get extensive and expensive repairs done.
  • Nobody likes to sweat and stumble in the darkness; hence you might have to spend a night in a hotel or a motel, thus further burdening your wallet.
  • The basement sump pump will stop working during a power outage, causing a flood. The resulting damage will require you to undertake repair work costing thousands of dollars.
  • If you move out of your house during a power outage, your home may be vulnerable to robbers. And it can cost you a fortune to replace your valuable items.

What is a Home Backup Generator?

A home backup generator is a cost-effective, long-term, permanent, and a turnkey solution when the power goes out. It is an independent source of power during a power outage, and it makes use of a transfer switch that senses the loss of power and immediately sends a signal to start the generator. The electrical load is instantly transferred to the generator and the entire process is automated. It is usually installed outside a house, much similar to an AC unit.

How is it Beneficial?

There are many advantages of investing in a residential standby generator during a Dallas power outage.

  • As soon as the power goes out, the generator turns on and provides your home with an uninterrupted supply of electricity.
  • When mother nature strikes, for example in the form of a storm or the grid going out, you don’t have to worry about powering your basic lighting systems, heaters, refrigerators, and the thermostat.
  • It provides a good return on your investment as it prevents financial losses that are associated with power outages. For example, a standby generator will be able to effectively run your refrigerator and freezer, thereby averting the threat of rotten food. You can ease the burden on your wallet by not spending the night in a hotel or a motel. The basement sump pump, the heating system, and the thermostat will be functional, preventing the pipes from freezing and bursting, especially in winters.
  • They can power a home for many days after an outage.
  • There might be surges and voltage fluctuations when the utility power comes back on, which can damage electrical appliances. In such cases, backup generators can protect them.
  • It will keep your home and family safe during a power outage by deterring robbers and intruders.

If you want to be prepared for when your power goes out here in Dallas, let’s talk: 214-207-0506


In this video, Ryan shares how a home generator works in his backyard here in Dallas.

Watch as Ryan turns on the generator from his smartphone and see how quickly it can turn on when you power goes out.

Generally, your home generator will kick in in about 15 seconds after the power goes out.

Dallas is known for big things including storms.  Make sure to share this info with your friends.  You don’t want them to be without power when a huge storm hits Dallas.